Welcome Fearless Adventurer,

We’re extremely proud to get in the ring with Shattered Tower, our brand new project: we’re talking about a Myth Punk RPG, straightly focused on discovery, survival and exploration.

That could sound same ole same ole, but - trust me - with this concept, this idea, this game... we wanna bring REAL ADVENTURE to the table. 
Of course there is adventure in every big RPG we know, love and been playing to, but we decided to take the thrill to the next level. 

HOW? well, let’s just say that, if dying while looking for artifacts can be common, here you can fall through the cold claws of death even just by taking a walk outside the town borders! 

Of course, at the very same time, your characters will be fully and colorfully equipped with every item and ability and extraordinary talent necessary to survive...
you just gotta figure out how to do it! ; )



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The Setting: 
Tyntyr is a vast and extremely hostile world that has risen from the ashes of a war between the world itself and an ancient and advanced civilization, fallen into ruin, shattered and partially forgotten.

Players will travel through an environment heavily dominated by nature, ruled by the Dra-Idjias, mystical and powerful creatures that imprisoned, and now control and govern the offspring of that ancient colonizers that survived the war centuries ago and still lives on the planet.

Players will be part of the Vanguard, a guild composed by the few people of their respective races able to bypass the tight control of the world’s sentinels and visiting the world outside, with the purpose of discovering what once was..  and what still can be… 

The player's job is to incarnate explorers and adventurers, to get in the shoes of pioneersfinding a home in the Vanguard, willing to risk their lives, far from civilization, fighting to death just to earn the respect of the companions and to bring knowledge to mankind.


The System: 
Shattered Tower works on the peculiar D6System we created.

How does it work - we've got a classic but versatile list of skills (which also includes COMBAT as an ability, for example) and we put it together with the kind of mechanics that you can nowadays find in modern narrative RPGs, creating  a unique system which feels very functional to the setting.

Long story short, every character's got his skills set with ability scores (from 1 to 6) determined by the construction of the player character (PC) build. 

Those points define the number of dices the player's gotta roll when trying an ability check. success is gained when dices give only 5 or 6.

The few basics of this system also include that the difficulty coefficient of the test that is faced - when higher than the score of the PC - determines the deprivation of X dice to pull, where X stands for each point by which the difficulty exceeds the score of the PC.


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