First Kings (Primi Re) by ACHERON BOOKS is a new, highly immersive, historical-fantasy RPG with strong dark-horror atmospheres.

The gameplay consists mainly of a high narrative component, which emphasizes the interpretation as the protagonist of the whole game, but at the same time it grows upon the solid foundations of an elaborate and very special D12System that unites dice-pool, zodiac, numerology and lunar phases to create a rule set and a characters building, basically unique in their kind.



The game created by Matteo Sanfilippo is set in ancient Rome, but not in the rich and glorious Imperial Rome of the splendors that we are used to see in movies, in videogames or inside history books.

Instead, you’re going to play during the so-called Età Regia
(“royal age”)
, in the Rome of the very beginnings: a land barren and swampy, dark, misty and sometimes inhospitable, protected by rawboned walls, erected to keep out unspeakable horrors and obscure threats of which the world has lost memory of.

First Kings brings on the game table the days of the foundation of the Urbe (“City”), telling the "true" story and nature of Romulus and Remus, enriching the already incredible legend of the twins with fantasy elements.

"The illegitimate sons of the God Mars - born off the abuse that He perpetrated against a vestal of the Goddess Vesta – abandoned still in swaddling clothes, in the perilous lands of the Cermalus, were miraculously saved and weaned by a she-wolf, who was actually nothing but an ancient Divinity of Nature, Luperco.

Romulus and Remus grew up as extraordinarily capable men on one side, and as invincible beasts on the other. Gods among humans.

Endowed with the supernatural power of Mars, which had made them strong like tem men in battle, and of the Lupercal Gifts, which had made them able to shift their human form into that of wolves or warewolves, were the FIRST KINGS of a wild world that clamored for being shaped and guided towards its own, glorious destiny.

Artwork by Daniele Solimene


The hands of the two Kings rose from the swamps of the Velabro to seize the sky from which their Godly father watched them, and laid the foundations of the largest and most magnificent Empire that the history of man had ever known.

Unfortunately the ambition, the power, the gossipmongers between the two .. led to an infamous, cursed epilogue: the fraticide.

The progeny of the defeated Remus - the furious and savage Remos - swore bloodthirsty revenge against the First King, his entire race and Rome itself.

'We will drown Rome in the Blood" was the cry with which they left the city howling, to take refuge in the darkness of the terrible unexplored lands outside city’s borders.

The RomulI, however, swore to defend their father's kingdom from their cousins ​​and any other earthly or divine threat.

So the "Cerberus Legion" was born: a Guild, an occult Brotherhood. the sons and descendants of Romulus, endowed with part of his supernatural powers and extraordinary abilities, as well.”

In the game,
players must create a handful of Romulos, direct descendants of the First King of Rome, each belonging to one of the many Gentes (families) available, taking part - and giving life - to the endless, exciting and terrible adventures of
an unprecedented setting where history , mythology, horror and fantasy come together to give the best of themselves, thanks to a unique, fun and successfully playtested system.



Artwork By Francesco Saverio Ferrara

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